Benefits of Hiring an Answering Service For your Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you want your criminal record expungement law firm to succeed, you must do more than hire experienced attorneys and hope for favorable outcomes in expunction petitions. Your legal practice needs to achieve maximum client satisfaction to succeed. The best way to keep clients happy is by hiring an answering service to handle callers.

A caller who wants to seal their records intends to work with a professional and have a responsive connection with their expunction attorney team. Most convicts wish to be sure an attorney will be available to talk to in their hour of need and have their concerns addressed. Outsourcing a call center for your practice will keep clients happy, strengthen your reputation, and help the business achieve its long-term objectives. The benefits your record expunction law firm can derive from a call center are:

Increased Professionalism in Your Record‐Sealing Practice

When you partner with a call center, their operators will handle all the callers with civility and competence. Professionalism makes you exceptional among your competitors because current and prospective clients will want to talk to your practice. When a caller has a fantastic experience talking to your record-sealing law firm, they will develop a positive outlook and become returning clients whenever they want to seal a criminal arrest or record. If a client calls and is sent straight to voicemail, they will be uncomfortable reaching out again and will look for another law firm. Partnering with a call answering service will link the record sealing practice with clients, creating satisfaction that compels the client to hire your expunction attorney for legal guidance and representation when filing a petition in court.

Also, call operators will relieve your staff, especially record-sealing attorneys who work under pressure, allowing them to focus on filing petitions and developing viable arguments to convince the judge to dismiss arrest or conviction records. The professional operators will handle all incoming calls in your record-sealing practice, creating a responsive relationship with your clients.

It is More Affordable than Enlisting the Traditional Receptionists for the Record Expungement Practice

Outsourcing call operators is cheaper than hiring in-house receptionists. Many record-sealing law firms fear hiring answering services because of the hefty service fees. If the call center you have engaged in offers uncompromised call services at reasonable prices, you will save more money than when you have conventional receptionists. You will save on operational costs because you will not need additional office space to accommodate the receptionists. Virtual receptionists are not physically present on your business premises.

Also, a call center that meets all California state requirements, including HIPAA and PCI compliance, means your client’s personal data will remain secure and confidential. Reputable call operators understand the accepted conventions in the industry and will help you stay compliant.

The call agents are paid based on the calls answered or the minutes spent with a client. With virtual receptionists, you will not be paying salaries. Instead, you will only pay for the work done, helping your business cut overhead costs and making it affordable to run the law firm. Also, you will not spend your money training the receptionists because they are trained and experienced. Again, answering services have state-of-the-art communication equipment, so you will not have to purchase equipment to give your callers an excellent phone experience.

It Enables You to Establish a Loyal Legal Clients Base

Businesses and individuals find themselves on the wrong side of the law, sometimes leading to arrests and criminal charges. Record expunction attorneys will never run out of business because people want a clean slate free of conviction or arrest records. Clearing a criminal record makes it possible for your clients to apply for jobs, acquire state or professional licenses, apply to and be accepted in schools or colleges, and lease apartments. Expunging a criminal record gives a client peace of mind and a fresh start. With this practice area's critical role in the legal industry, you will always be in business.

Nevertheless, some legal practices that enter the industry cannot survive because they cannot meet clients’ expectations. Therefore, if you want your expungement practice to weather the industry, you must satisfy your customers. If clients are happy with the first legal representation, they will return when they want to seal a subsequent record or refer someone with the same problem, keeping you in the industry. The best way to grow a loyal clientele in your legal practice is to hire an answering service to give your callers an excellent first impression, giving the business a competitive edge.

When clients speak to a live call operator representing your practice, they create a personal and responsive bond that connects them to your firm, creating loyalty. Happy clients will spread the word about your customer service, and those referred will feel more comfortable calling to inquire about their record sealing. Professional call operators are polite and compassionate and understand record-sealing laws. This enables them to create a conversation that gives the client a deeper insight into the legal practice and addresses their queries.

Any reputable and successful legal practice builds on excellent customer service. It sets you apart from your competitors and creates a loyal clientele base. Clients will always return to a record expunction practice that offers superior customer service.

A Call Center Will Set Apart Your Record Expungement Practice

The legal industry depends heavily on customer reviews. The best way to attract positive customer feedback is through quality customer service, which you can derive by partnering with a call center. With a happy and satisfied clientele, you can rest assured they will refer friends, colleagues, or relatives who need legal counsel to your practice.

Even if you are good at representing clients in court and winning expungement petitions, if your customer service is poor, it will do a lot of harm to the practice. The solution to this problem is hiring a call center to handle your customer service needs, including answering calls, scheduling meetings, and taking messages. With professional call operators, you can be sure no caller will be sent to voicemail because a live representative will be available to speak to them in real time.

Nevertheless, without call operators, most clients will be asked to leave a message and will not do it. Instead, they will end the call and ring your competitor, whom they will hire for their case. Record sealing cases are urgent matters, and if you are not available in the hour of need, then you are unreliable, and this is the word that will spread, denting the reputation of your legal practice.

A crucial benefit of partnering with professional call operators is that you will have peace of mind on the weekend, on vacation, or in court, knowing all your callers are being attended to politely and professionally. Also, you can work with the call agents to develop a script to guide the operators on the tone of their responses to your legal clients. These agents will follow your scripts to the letter. Your clients will never know they are talking to call agents and not expunction attorneys because of the professionalism and knowledge of the legal industry portrayed during phone calls. Your callers will obtain the same or even better treatment than the one they receive from your in-house receptionists and record-sealing attorneys.

The goal of every legal business is to have several clients. Nevertheless, when there is a surge in the number of callers, it will be challenging to answer all of them in real time with the limited in-house staff. Your attorneys must handle multiple tasks simultaneously, including discussing criminal arrests or convictions, preparing petitions, and answering calls. Most often, the phone calls go unanswered, and contact with your legal clientele is hampered, which could damage the law firm's image. A call center will answer all these problems because they focus on quality customer service. Your attorneys can focus on the practice's primary objective, offering clients a clean slate from their criminal past.

A Conducive Work Setting in the Record Sealing Practice

If you have multiple incoming calls simultaneously, your workers will be moving up and down, juggling between attending to walk-in customers and the callers, creating a chaotic work environment. Besides, the calls will distract those focusing on preparing for court hearings. Luckily, with an answering service, calls will no longer be a bother at the workplace. When you partner with a call center, they will have their own office and staff separate from your company, allowing your legal team to concentrate on defending defendants and obtaining favorable verdicts.

Apart from reducing distractions, having call operators will give you peace of mind knowing a professional handles all your calls. Clients satisfied with their first experience after contacting your record sealing practice will be happy to return. Hiring call operators creates a peaceful work environment that increases productivity.

You Attract Legal Clients Who are Non‐English Speakers

Many arrestees and convicts speak Spanish or English as their second language. Therefore, you should not let the language barrier impede the success of your business. Many convicts wishing to clear their records will contact your firm inquiring about record expungement and eligibility. It will be unfortunate to lose a record expunction lead like this because your receptionists cannot speak Spanish or the caller's language. Luckily, with a bilingual call answering service, your callers feel valued if the call operators can speak their language. Non-English speakers will feel you appreciate them and their future, opening your practice to a diverse market.

24/7 Record Expunction Answering Service

If a client has a criminal arrest or record holding them back, they will contact your record-sealing practice any time, even at night, seeking help. Even if they are ineligible for record expunction, they want to understand their options, including reducing the felony sentence to a misdemeanor to qualify for record sealing or terminating probation. You need to be available around the clock to help these clients because some will call at night when they cannot sleep because of the challenges caused by their criminal records. Constant availability inspires confidence in your clients and helps build goodwill because you will be available when they need you most.

Partnering with a call center with 24/7 accessibility helps you undertake your business routines with peace of mind, knowing your callers will have professionals to speak to and obtain the assistance they need.

The benefit of these professionals is that they will be paid for the calls they answer on your law firm’s behalf, unlike conventional receptionists, who will be paid salaries whether or not they answer phone calls. Hiring a full-time answering service for your record expunction law firm is an affordable solution to your phone call problems. It enables your practice to make more money without increasing operational costs.

Optimize Productivity in the Law Firm

Even as you enjoy your private life away from work, a call center will maximize your productivity by ensuring all incoming calls are answered. Whenever a client calls inquiring about record expungement and the phone goes unanswered, you will be missing out on business opportunities. These clients will not call back later. Instead, they will contact your competitors and probably take the business to them, reducing your firm’s performance.

An attorney answering service will improve the performance of your legal practice because call agents will be at work even when you and your team of expunction attorneys are away from work.

Confirming and Scheduling Appointment

A person looking to expunge their record will not be happy when you stop the conversation to answer an incoming call. Consequently, it is equally critical that you have your callers attended to as you discuss the expungement petitions with clients. Call operators will be available to address your callers' needs, including taking, confirming, and canceling appointments. With proper appointment scheduling, you can avoid congestion in the business and the loss of billable hours. The operators promote order and a peaceful work environment.

Partnering with a call center will give your record expungement practice a competitive edge. Again, these competitors use call agents for their phone call needs. So, if you wish to stay competitive and grow the business, you should find the right call center for your practice.

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