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Mr. Filicia is a Southern California native and is licensed to practice law in every county in the State of California.  He has dedicated his practice to focusing exclusively on assisting his clients in clearing their criminal records. 

Mr. Filicia obtained his Juris Doctor from the Syracuse University College of Law.  While in law school, he worked for a firm that handled a high volume of criminal appeal cases, and developed a passion from criminal defense law.  After spending some time in the criminal arena, he noticed that far too many defendants were being burdened by their criminal records, even long after their cases had concluded.  As such, Mr. Filicia has made it his goal to help each of his clients put their criminal records behind them, and begin moving forward with a clean slate. 

His firm has successfully handled expungements, and other record clearing cases, in each of the four Orange County Criminal Courts.  These include: Petitions for Dismissal, Motions for Early Termination of Probation, Petitions to Reduce Felony Convictions to Misdemeanors, and Petitions to Seal Arrest Records. 

It is Mr. Filicia’s policy that no two cases are alike and that developing the best plan to clear your record, requires a true understanding of your specific needs.   For this reason, his firm always provides a free initial consultation to determine what your goals are, and why you are seeking to have your record cleared. 

If you, or someone you know, is being held back because of their criminal record, contact Thomas J. Filicia and the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm today.       

At the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm, we have one goal in mind: to help our clients make a fresh start, and put their criminal records behind them.  Unlike many other law firms, who handle all kinds of criminal defense cases, we focus exclusively on California expungement and record clearing cases.  Doing so allows us to provide top-notch representation, at affordable flat rate prices.    


Our attorneys understand that each case is unique, and will spend the time that’s necessary to truly understand our clients’ situations.  By getting to know our clients on a more personal level, we are able to form the strongest possible arguments when presenting their cases to the court.  This is what allows us to have such a high success rate, even on cases where our clients are still on probation.  Don’t settle for an attorney who doesn't have expungement and record clearing experience; have your case handled properly the first time.    


We believe that open and honest communication is necessary to provide the best possible representation.  As such, we make sure that our attorneys are readily available.  Our clients will be given the personal cell phone number, and email address, of the attorney assigned to their case.  Because we handle our cases on a flat fee basis, you will never be billed for communicating with your attorney.  In fact, we encourage our clients to contact us via text or email as new questions, or developments arise.  Our clients are also given 24/7 access to their file via our secure case management software.  By logging into your client portal, you will be able to see the work being done on your case from the convenience of your home computer.   


At the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being completely upfront with our clients.  After providing a free initial consultation, we will determine a flat fee price to handle their case.  We never include any hidden fees or surprises in our fee agreements.  Once we determine we can help you, you will know exactly what it will cost for us to handle your case.    


Contact the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm today to set up your free consultation.  Don’t let your criminal record hold you back any longer.  Our experienced attorneys can help clear your record, and give you the fresh start you have been waiting for.  Call 714-627-5727 today.

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